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The Small Church Academy

If you're tired of doing it alone and you're ready to embrace strategies that work in small churches, join us!

  • Say YES to the right things
  • Learn small church strategies that work the first time
  • Be part of helping your church make a Kingdom Impact

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27 Units

Unit 13: Structure Your Ministry for Accountability, Consistency, & Growth

The 4 I's of Volunteers: Part II

Delegation & Evaluation: Two Necessary Dance Partners

The Ministry Funnel: Outreach & Community

How to Facilitate Small Groups Like a Pro

Promote Your Events for the Widest Right Reach

Gaining Support: Turn Uninterested People into Fans of Your Ministry

The Ministry Funnel: Spiritual Growth & Mission

Dealing with Difficult People

The Money Side of Ministry

Dealing with Ministry Failure & Disappointment

Effectively Partner with Other Ministries & Community Groups

Units for this product 27
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